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Introduction To S.H.E Alliance

Introduction To S.H.E Alliance

S.H.E stands for Safety, Health and Environment. S.H.E is a strategic alliance between three leading companies in the Safety, Health and Environment field. These three companies are Safetyware Group, My CO2, and VA Partners.


Nowadays, more and more companies are paying attention to environmental protection, occupational health and safety at work. They are putting more effort to ensure the health and safety of employees, and to protect the environment. This is why S.H.E Alliance is formed in order to combine all the best offers from the 3 leading companies, so that customer can get even better values.


S.H.E Alliance is here to offer comprehensive service in Safety, Health and Environment to customer. S.H.E Alliance increase customers's awarness toward Safety, Health and Environment, help customer to prevent incidents or accidents that might ressult from abnormal operating conditions on the one hand and reduction of adverse effects that result from normal operating conditions on the other hand.


Mission : To Serve & Grow With Synergy


Core Value :
1. Responsibility & Care
2. Value Adding
3. Teamwork

Introduction To Safetyware

Introduction To Safetyware - Responsibility & Care

Safetyware Group is the leading safety products manufacturer & exporter based in Malaysia and Singapore with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution of complete range of personal protective equipment (PPE). Safetyware group consists of the following business divisions:


A. PPE Distribution
We offer more than 3000+ types of PPE and wide range of instruments. We service more than 2000+ corporate accounts in Malaysia and Singapore. Our products are exported to more than 35 countries through the world.


B. Manufacturing
1. Glove Manufacturing
2. Safety Shoe Manufacturing
3. Safety Apparels Manufacturing
4. Safety Signage Manufacturing


C. Safety Training & Consultancy
We specialise in environment, health and safety consultation and training. We provide full spectrum of safety training and industrial health and safety services with our certified and experienced safety trainers.

Introduction To VA Partners

Introduction To VA Partners - Inspiring Peak Performance

VA Partners, operating principally under VA Resources, with a mission to inspire peak perfomance through Organization Development programmes, with parallel emphasis on development of Business, People and System.


Our Core Programmes:
A. Business / Corporate Development
1. Strategic Planning - Corporate Direction & Strategies Development
2. Business Planning - Annual / Business Plan Development
3. Performance Planning - KRAs & KPIs Development
4. Branding, Rebranding & Brand Recognition


B. People Development
1. Team Alignment
2. Competency Development
3. 'SUPER' Leadership Development
4. Succession / Estate Planning
5. Corporate HR Services
6. Sales & Customer Service Trainings
7. Personal & Corporate Wellness Programs


C. System Development
1. ISO Projects - new, Upgrading & Revamp
2. Productivity, Quality & profitability Improvement:-
(i) Japan Lean Study Tour
(ii) Lean Management Projects
(iii) Customer Service & CRM System
(iv) SME Development Coaching


VA has helped many SMEs in manufacturing and service industries, ranging from small outfits with less 10 employees to large corporations of over 1000 employees in achieving sustainable growth strategically with a Total, Integrative and Creative approach.


Together with our value-adding strategic partners, especially Lean Land Laboratary Pte. Ltd. (Japan) and Sheffield Consulting, VA aspires to be the Best Partner for Peak Performance.

Introduction To My CO2

Introduction To My CO2 - The Compliance Catalyst

As an award-winning independent laboratory, My Co2 Sdn Bhd plays a neutral role in providing high quality analytical testing and assessment services. Our laboratory has been accredited by Department of Standard Malaysia as the laboratory meets the requirement of ISO/IEC 17025. Logon to www.myco2.com.my for more information.


A. We Cover:
1. Northern Region, Perai (SAMM No.384)
2. Central Region, Shah Alam (SAMM No.564)
3. Southern Region, Johor Bahru


B. We Ensure:
1. Result Accurary
2. Short turnaround time
3. Hygienic laboratory practices


C. We Provide:
1. CHRA (Chemical Health Risk Assessment)
2. LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation Assessment)
3. Noise Exposure Monitoring
4. Personal Chemical Expousure Monitoring
5. HIRARC assessment
6. Waste Water Analysis
7. Air Emission Monitoring
8. Boundary Noise Monitoring
9. RoHS & Reach Compliance Testing

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